INTRACES is a comprehensive enterprise process collaboration application that merges business processes and document management with the following functions:

Process Mapping

Business processes can be pre-designed and approved for re-use. Process activities are mapped following parallel and serial paths. Activity related documents could be attached or created and processed using workflow cycles. Activity starting date, lead times, workloads, coordinators, participants, and eligible job initiators and schedulers are defined for each process.


Job Scheduling

Jobs are scheduled based on start and delivery dates and allocated based on users' eligibility and availability. Alerts, alarms and late notices assure that related activities and documents are kept synchronized with the job delivery date.


Document Workflow

Administrative and operational documents may be created, edited, verified, reviewed, approved and published in continuous or repetitive cycles. Drafts and revisions for administrative and operational documents are available. Participants for each workflow phase can be automatically or manually assigned and substituted based on users' calendar availability. Escalation cycles can be defined. Documents can be interrelated so that they are processed concurrently, published simultaneously or merged into one report.


Custom Fields

Text, numeric, tabular, date/time, user name, limits and calculation fields can be defined as part of each document entity. Custom fields are protected during processing and can only be updated and changed by authorized users with audit trails and electronic signatures.


Word Processing Templates

Custom fields are automatically updated and displayed on Microsoft WordŽ and ExcelŽ templates.


Compliance & System Set-up

The Compliance officer and system administrators have authority to define the regulatory and IT environment in which the authorized users can design and administrate INTRACES. Maintenance classes protect that only the authorized administrator can perform specific maintenance.



INTRACES can be configured as a departmental or a global solution. Panels and messages can be displayed in different languages. Calendars are set to define working and non-working days based on the country where the user is registered. Category labels provide the functionality to display a segment of the database based on a predefined set of labels. Each user can define their document-filing configuration.


Documents Delivery

Once documents are made effective or published, they can be delivered via e-mail, fax, printer or network address. Documents classified as confidential require special authorization to be delivered outside the organization.