INTERPEC products are designed to adapt, based on configuration parameters, to the simple needs of a small business or a single department to the sophisticated needs of a multi-lingual, international, multiple time zones and regulated enterprise. Current solutions include:

Global master documents revised, approved and distributed to regional & local facilites:

  • Master documents are created and major revisions are reviewed through global participation from affected sites and published globally once approved.

  • Regional sites adapt approved documentation to regional needs within limited capabilities, publish the documents internally with minor revisions and distribute to end users for acknowledgement and certification.

Batch Records & Laboratory Notebooks:

  • Create and process batch records and laboratory notebooks.

  • Calculations are automatically performed.

  • Fields within a document can be updated only by authorized users.

  • Microsoft EXCELŽ spreadsheets and WORDŽ documents are provided with field controls and audit trails.

  • Data from one document can automatically update one or several related documents.

  • Exceptions for documents can be defined and require processing prior to disposition.

Processing of administrative and operational documents:

  • Jobs are defined with scheduled deadlines.

  • Activities within jobs are assigned based on workloads and scheduled for completion.

  • Documents defined within an activity are completed, revised, authorized and published.

  • Alerts and alarms are sent to defined groups to assure synchronization.

  • Jobs are completed and closed. Interested groups are notified.

  • Confidential and non-confidential documents required by customers can be distributed by e-mail, fax or mail by authorized personnel.

  • Non-confidential documents can be made available to the corporate website for direct customer access.