INQAS is a Comprehensive Enterprise Quality Management and LIMS application that comprises the following functions:

Batch/lot and Container Management

Provides a complete history of batch/lot statuses and transactions. Where used / where shipped functionality identifies suspicious batches and facilitates recall efforts. Creates laboratory analyses for a batch/lot.


Project Management

Projects are created, reviewed, approved and closed or cancelled. Creates and stores all project laboratory analyses.


Stability Management

Creates stability studies under different environments for a batch/lot. Stability reports download to EXCEL.


Analysis Management

Contains the history of all laboratory analyses processed. It contains master documents (formulations, processes & specifications) and laboratory methods. Analyses can be created for production, information or stability purposes. Once analyses are evaluated, the batch/lot status is changed and project and stability studies are updated. Determines the level of sampling and testing for a batch/lot based on client specifications, cyclic counters, manufacturers and probation controls.


Quality Assurance Certification

INQAS verifies that all required samples have been taken, that all required methods have been performed and the tests results verified, and that all results meet the requirements of the official specification master document before allowing an audited approved disposition. Each batch/lot is audited by the system prior to releasing it to fulfill production orders or customer shipments; thereby, reducing the potential of rejects or expensive recalls.


Issues Management

Manages deviations, engineering changes, complaints, etc. Open issues prevent analyses to be closed without exception notices.


Laboratory Information Management (LIMS)

Creates samples, sampling plans and instructions, methods & method descriptions for analysis. Determines sampling requirements based on number of containers, fixed quantities or military standards tables. Performs method calculations, retrieves standard & and reagents information, & and documents instrument calibrations.


Instrument connectivity (LabLink)

Connects data from other laboratory systems or instruments to laboratory method data variables in INQAS.


ERP / INQAS Interfaces

Data is exchanged seamlessly between ERP and INQAS. ERP receipts are transferred automatically to INQAS and batch/lot inventory status changes are updated from to ERP.


Certificate Management

Creates multi-language / multi-format certificates of analysis from ERP shipments and sends them automatically via e-mail, fax, printer or network location based on predefined settings.


Global Repository

INQAS can be implemented as a single laboratory solution or as a global multilingual enterprise solution. Master documents and methods can be created, revised, reviewed, approved centrally and distributed to all sites globally for controlled adaptation prior to being made effective. Certificate of analyses can be stored centrally and updated to the Web.